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Top Rated Macbook Pro Repair in Penang and Skilled Technician


The MacBook Pro 13 which Apple introduced in late 2012, has been recognized by everybody as the most appealing and state-of-the-art laptop of its kind. There’s no worries in any way spotting the Apple product with its hallmark aluminium outer shell and the symbol that lights up behind the LCD.

It is not all that extraordinary for us to get a faulty MacBook Pro 13 because of exposure to impact, overheating or even water damage. We are glad to help any MacBook Pro 13 owner whose device is damaged. Our team of specialists are true experts and they will be qualified to examine and evaluate your broken devices in the most skilled and exact manner having been forerunners in the servicing of Apple products. The problem will be effortlessly identified and the issue managed in a very competent and accurate method

If your MacBook Pro 13 needs a replacement component, we are proud to inform you that we only practice employing superior original components for all replacements. We well know that no imitation parts can reach the quality of an genuine Apple replacement component.

285291_10151263561516370_1161256285_nAnd for every fixing or replacement to your MacBook Pro 13, there will be a 90-day warranty. The warranty entitles you to return the unit for a more in-depth examination free of charge if it is still not functioning correctly after repairs. You will get a full reimbursement of your money if even after this, your unit is still not working to your approval.

We have also been proven to be the swiftest amongst all organizations of this type in our turnover time. Your MacBook Pro will be extensively evaluated and professionally repaired once it’s handed over to us and this will require between 1 to 3 business days.

The company is also in full backing of an environmentally friendly climate. All our business are performed without the utilization of paper. Paper is made obsolete in our company now considering that all records are stored to our computers and statements are delivered to our clients using the e-mail.

So if your MacBook Pro 13 has an issue, check out at one of our outlets at eCurve, Petaling Jaya, Gurney Plaza – Penang Island or at Village Mall, Sungai Petani and we will make your



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